How does Pepper Product Selector work?

Pepper Product Selector (PPS) works by combining some simple information about your client together with their credit history information to provide a potential Pepper Money product in the form of an Indicative Offer. You will need to obtain your client’s consent, as their credit history will be automatically obtained by the tool via a Bureau credit enquiry, which will leave an enquiry on their credit file but will not impact their credit score.

Particularly for clients whose needs may be more difficult to fulfil, Pepper Product Selector helps with searching for and identifying the right product for a client.

With an Indicative Offer at your fingertips, you can confidently continue the conversation with your client knowing there is a genuine solution available for them (subject to and application being submitted and assessed. Credit lending criteria apply).

How to access Pepper Product Selector

login to pepper broker portal

Login to the Pepper mortgage adviser portal using your registered email address

select pepper product selector in the my account drop down

Select 'Pepper Product Selector' in the 'My Account' drop down.

(Note: please contact your Pepper Money BDM if Pepper Product Selector is not visible in your account)

follow the steps listed in the how to guide

Why you should try Pepper Product Selector

  • Provide options for more clients. Pepper Money may provide an indicative offer*.
  • Improve customer service. Provide a timely. readily available and customised product indicative offer.
  • Ease of use. Mobile responsive application with one time log in to Pepper Product Selector and access to carry out a credit enquiry (subject to client consent).
  • No cost. Free for Pepper Accredited financial advisers to use and submit Pepper Product Selector applications to carry out a credit enquiry (subject to client consent).
  • It's fast. Receive an indicative response within minutes.

*An indicative offer is not a formal approval for a loan and financial commitments must not be entered into based on it. It is not a suggestion or recommendation of any particular loan product. It is a guide only based on the limited information provided and the credit score obtained. An indicative offer is valid for 30 days. The actual interest rate and fees will depend on the borrower’s circumstances and the information verified during the loan application assessment.

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