Broker helps family get home loan
Broker helps family get home loan

About Pepper Money

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We were established in 2000 to help people getting turned down by the banks achieve their financial dreams. By providing a flexible approach to finance that factors in the ups and downs of real life, we’re able to help turn a ‘no’ from the banks into a ‘yes’. Since then, we’ve become one of the largest, most trusted, and award-winning non-bank lenders in Australia and New Zealand.

Our flexible approach meant looking at each person’s situation on its merits and factoring in the ups and downs of real life. Since then we’ve made a difference to 100’s of 1,000’s of people.

We're the home of real life home loan options.


Clients we can help

 Every client’s situation is unique, so whether they’re a first home buyer, they’re looking to refinance their home loan, they’ve recently started a business, or perhaps they’re looking to buy an investment property, we have a range of options.

If an application doesn’t meet traditional lending criteria, it could be time for a second opinion. We don’t just look at the black and white boxes on the application. Here are some of the common scenarios we may be able to help with:


Doesn't meet mainstream criteria

Doesn't meet mainstream criteria

  • Failed to pass credit scoring 
  • Previously been declined 
  • New permanent residents AU or NZ
Requires flexible solution

Requires flexible solution

  • Multiple debts to consolidate 
  • Needs to payout business/IRD debt
  • Cash out needed for business purposes
  • Refinance of private/solicitor finance
Impaired credit history

Has impaired credit history

  • Discharged bankrupt
  • Late payments or mortgage arrears
  • Defaults, judgements or writs
Can't provide traditional documentation

Can't provide traditional income documentation

  • Self-employed 24 months
  • NZBN registered 6 months
  • Income from casual employment
  • Government income from family payments

Any loan applications are subject to the Pepper Money team completing responsible lending checks and considering every customers individual circumstances.